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"Wikipedia is the most widely used reference work in the world." ^
It is used by more than 250 million people a month.

Many people all over the world go to Wikipedia first to get a summary of information about some subject. Wikipedia may be be giving many people their first idea about Tibet and about Buddhism.

No one person or group makes Wikipedia. It is edited by millions of people around the world.

Who are these people? "The people who edit pages are the ones who care enough to edit them." ^

Editing Wikipedia does take some knowledge to do it right. It is not horribly difficult, it just takes some time to learn. Anything that is worth doing takes some learning and some time!

How you can edit Wikipedia

Wikipedia itself has a lot of excellent how-to pages. The only problem is, there are so many! Here are some good places to start:

Getting started

Learn the basics of editing Wikipedia here:

  • Basic Tutorial at Wikipedia. An excellent step-by-step how-to.
  • Wikipedia has a Sandbox where anyone can play. You can practice the Wiki codes, or just about anything that Wikipedia can do. Just click the "Change" tab in the upper right tab group and start playing!
  • Simple English Wikipedia Help
    Links to some easy tutorials for beginning editing Wikipedia.

The basic codes

Wikipedia has codes that we use to make things bold, add links, etc. They are easier to learn than HTML codes.

Learn more

You can do simple and useful things while learning

Start small. There's a lot of very useful things you can do to improve Wikipedia, that are easy to do.

  • Fix spelling, grammar, punctuation (this is how i started)
  • Remove spam or garbage
    • inappropriate links (like to unsafe or inappropriate websites)
    • page blanked out
    • nonsense in the page
  • Fix factual info that you know for sure is wrong, such as dates and locations, names, etc.
    • Always give a reference showing where you got your information.
  • Add additional factual info that is clearly useful, such as dates and locations, names, etc.
    • Always give a reference showing where you got your information.
  • Add a photo.
    • You *must* provide detailed information on the source and the license of the file. if you don't, it will be deleted.

Read Wikipedia

Other good "Wiki" sites

You can edit these too!

    Everything about using བོད་ཡིག་ on computers and making web pages.
  • Wikiversity
    "A Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university."

add tech info

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