Why the web?

I think most probably that this [internet] technology will be helpful, to get information easily. In that way it will make clear what is truth, what is reality and what is false propaganda. I think that provided each individual uses their own intelligence or mind to investigate further, this technology should be very useful.
— His Holiness Dalai Lama

It's extremely important for the Tibetans to get well acquainted with the internet so that we can make use of its boundless potential.
— Monlam Lobsang, Managing Director, TVA

It is crucial that the Tibetans be able to make use of this technology, in order to provide better employment opportunities for Tibetans, advance the Tibetan economy, keep Tibetan culture alive in exile, and make the cause of Tibet's freedom struggle better known throughout the world.
— TCRC, DIIR, Central Tibetan Administration

The Internet is now our primary marketplace for ideas. News announcements and debates that generations ago took place on the village commons are now taking place on the Internet. Because of this new technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult for opponents of any idea to stop or limit the spread of that idea.

On the internet all voices are equal.

why is the web important?

The "web" is the most powerful thing to come to human culture since the printing press in the West. It is changing how all the world's people talk to each other, play, do business, and even how we do politics and science. It brings all the world's people closer together than ever possible before.

what is the web?

how to learn how to use the web?

If you have an email address, and if you are reading this page, you have some idea of how to use the web.

There is always more to learn — because the web is huge, will millions of websites, and because it is always changing. That doesn't mean we have to know everything :) — but we can learn a few things to make it more useful to us.

The best way is just get on the web, follow links, see what you like, ignore what you don't like.

This page may give you ideas of where to start: Using the web

how to learn how to make the web?

Yes you can! You need a few things:

Know more

There are many great places on the web to learn about the web. The below links aren't the best, or the only — they just give you somwhere to start.

Why the web?
What's so important about it, and why do you want to learn to use it — or to make it?!
Tech info for Tibetans
Web teaching in McLeod Ganj
When you learn how to use Google search, you can find out anything and everything.

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