Importance of the Internet using tech

“I think most probably that this [internet] technology will be helpful, to get information easily. In that way it will make clear what is truth, what is reality and what is false propaganda. I think that provided each individual uses their own intelligence or mind to investigate further, this technology should be very useful.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama (From a BBC forum held 23 feb 2000)

“The Internet is now our primary marketplace for ideas. News announcements and debates that generations ago took place on the village commons are now taking place on the Internet. Because of this new technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult for opponents of any idea to stop or limit the spread of that idea. On the internet all voices are equal.” Gregory Rickmar (from The Importance of the Internet)

“The new nerves of this planet” Lobsang Wangyal

Wah! This is too much to learn!

Most of you reading this, are making websites in some way connected with the Tibetan cause. The old way of wars and weapons for fixing differences, is being replaced in our new world with communication. A lot of that communication is happening through the web.

You as a web writer, web coder, web techie, are a soldier in this new way. If it was the old way, you wouldn't be relying on foreign volunteers. You would have your own trained staff (soldiers). You would be keeping your big guns maintained, your self physically fit, your soldiers educated and ready to go, and much much more.

Does the Tibetan cause deserve any less?

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