How much are we involved in combating the China propaganda?
cyberactivism using tech

by Tashi Samphel, 27 May 2009

China is using the internet against the Tibetan cause

The Chinese economy is booming and the world seems to be relying too much on Chinese products. I also am very fond of electronic goods, and ironically most of electronic products are labeled "Made in China". I own an HP laptop and an internet data card which is again made in China — I use it for promoting the Tibetan cause.

Due to the current status of China in this world and its booming economy, I really doubt whether the Tibetan issue can be resolved easily. I feel economic progress has made China very powerful and influential in the global scenario: As a saying goes, "More Power, More Prestige". So I would like to depict some points where China has utilized its power against the Tibetan cause.

China pressured the Belgium government regarding His Holiness the Dalai Lama's visit to Belgium, and they also put pressure on German chancellor Angela Markel and France President Nicolas Sarkozy regarding their meeting with His Holiness. Even the United Nations is so terribly cautious of Chinese power. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon recently visited Sri Lanka's affected areas and said he was so moved by the suffering of the people there. But my question is "will he ever think to visit Tibet to check the horrible situation and the deplorable conditions of Tibetans under the brutal Chinese rule."

Chinese power is spreading throughout this globe and at a very fast rate like an epidemic. CNN made an apology to China regarding its broadcasting of the 2008 Tibet crisis. The South African government barred His Holiness' visa to visit South Africa under the influence of Chinese power. So China is becoming very powerful and everyone seems to be acting senselessly under its pressure.

China is a one-party state and they have absolute control over the whole system in China. China is reshaping its new media presence and is spending hugely on it to reach the world audience with views and context they call “the true Chinese Voices”. From the recent news, the Chinese embassy is distributing DVDs and inviting dignitaries to an art exhibition “Tibet Past and Present”. In the Hindustan Times Newspaper they advertised their cause in four colorful pages stating “Anniversary of 50 Years — Tibet's Liberation from Serfdom”.

What can Tibetans do? Use the internet as a platform to raise awareness about the Tibetan cause

In my view, most of the younger Tibetan generation and educated people use the internet, especially for fun such as using social networking sites like or, and chatting with friends through instant messaging like Yahoo Messenger, Skype or MSN messenger — but I wonder how many of us ever use the internet as a platform to raise awareness about the Tibetan cause.

I really feel there is lack of responsibility among our younger generation and educated people in writing articles and especially online articles in response to China propaganda. Even our Tibetan government is not handling those issues. Sometime I wonder, does our government in exile have a specific strategy to resolve these kinds of issues?

Finally, I suggest to our younger generation and educated ones, to create their own blogs and write more and more on the Tibet issue, to keep our struggle alive forever.

Thank You

Tashi Samphel, TPPRC, New Delhi

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  • Edit Wikipedia articles:
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  • If you find you must use Chinese goods, use those things for good, and let people know you are using them for promoting the Tibetan cause.
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