We, the IT professionals in Tibetan community must join hands Cyber Activism using tech

Last month I got an opportunity to attend the meeting of FOSS (Foundation of Open Source Software) Group of India at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. There, I learned much about their ideology, objective and their working system. They are discussing changing the system of IT education in India, by initiating open source education at foundation level course and starting informative exercises in the curriculum. They are targeting NCERT and CBSE for their mission and they are also discussing organizing workshops to train the teachers.

We, the IT professionals in Tibetan community must join hands, come forward to do something more productive to raise the standard of IT in our community. I really appreciate Kusho Lobsang Monlam la for his marvellous work in creating the Tibetan font which is now used by many Tibetans. This is a good example for the enhancement of IT in our community. Well! So far I have not done any big projects, but I feel privileged to say that I have developed the complex database of 2009 Census of Tibetan in Exile.

We all know that computer education is very crucial these days. In India, government is making all efforts to raise the computer literacy rate. Computer education systems in Tibetan schools are not too standard, and this important subject is many times neglected both by teachers and students. In fact IT is a very essential skill in this globalised world. Young children must be encouraged and nurtured to acquire the necessary IT skills during their school life.

We all must discuss the ways to improve the computer education system in Tibetan schools in a positive way. There is so much scope to learn in the field of information technology for the young children, and we must provide them the incentives to move ahead in this direction. I am emphasizing this issue mainly because I had been a computer teacher in the past.

Recently, I got information from India Linux Group Delhi Mailing list that NCERT has created their own Operating System collaboration with FOSS which is especially for schools, and it includes many open source softwares. So instantly I wrote an email to the concerned person for detailed information and he replied: "This work is in a very early stage — a kind of alpha version is ready. Do give us some time and we will keep you informed."

Here I would like to share the links that Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Department of Computer Science, IIT Bombay told us during our meeting at JNU:

"Computer Masti (CM) is an extensive research based product created at IIT Bombay for computer education in schools. It is designed as a series of books and activities, after an understanding of what is suitable for school education in the Indian subcontinent as well as schools abroad."
Here is the link: http://computermasti.com

Download the books online, here is the link: http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/%7Esri/ssrvm/

I am sorry to say that I have never attended a single meeting of DITG because of my location and I don't know what you all discuss when you meet. So I request all the members of DITG to give their support and share their ideas on the enhancement of IT system for our Tibetan Community.

With regards,
Tashi Samphel
(Posted to the DITG mailing list, 8 August 2009)

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