Made in China — Working for Tibet!
cyberactivism using tech

It's very hard to avoid using computers, phones, etc that are not "Made in China". But if we think about it — we are using these Chinese products to work for Tibet. So that's all right!

Stickers to print, or enlarge for posters, or ... (Click to view; Right-click to download - 2 MB)

(This sticker was designed by Tenzin Rabten of Upper TCV.)

Have an idea for sticker design for "Made in China — Working for Tibet"? Make a PhotoShop, JPEG, PNG, or GIF file and contact us to send your file. We'll post it, print it, and give you credit!

This site built with Open Source: html/css, php, apache, linux, vim, air, water.
— and also with the awesome Lenovo ThinkPad —
which is made in and working for — thank you, China!