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0. Overview of the three legs 1. How to register your domain name 2. What is dns 3. How to get web hosting

Web Hosting Third leg of a website!

How much does it cost?

Hosting your web site can cost anywhere from free, to over $USD 300 a month. The kind of web hosting we usually need would be $USD 5 to $USD 20 a month.

How do i pay for web hosting?

What makes a good web hosting company?

These days all decent web hosting provides, at a minimum:

If a hosting company does not provide at least this much, do not waste your time with them, no matter how cheap their prices are.

Next, hosting companies can vary widely in the quality of their services. These days the very best one i use is Prices are good, and service and support is awesome.

Cheap web hosting is quite tempting, but you end up spending (wasting!) quite a lot of your precious time in getting basic things done, or problems fixed. Due to this, i am unable to help with problems with cheap, bad web hosting — It's not really worth my time either to deal with their failings.

How to know what kind of hosting i need?

You want to think about:

What is a good web hosting company?

Good companies these days are,, and my favorite,

There are also Tibetan-owned hosting companies: Tibet Hosting and Tibet Web Guru. As well as hosting, they can manage your site for you, design the website, and write web programs such as contact forms, etc. for your site.

How do i get a hosting account?

Everything is done automatically. At the web hosting website, choose the kind of hosting you want. Then find their link for signing up. Fill out their form, make the payment online, and follow the instructions they give you. Your account will be automatically set up.

How long does it take to set up a website?

When you know what you are doing, and you are using a good efficient registrar and hosting company, it takes about 20 minutes. I have done this many times. This means: registering a domain name, getting a hosting account, setting the dns servers, and uploading the files.

This doesn't count making the web pages! That takes longer :)

How do i remember my hosting company, password, and all those things?

You don't!
You keep that information in the same place you keep all your other important information: office rent, telephone bills, email passwords, business license, etc.

If you are an organisation, you keep this information with your accounting office or bookeeper.

Hosting for non-profits

There are some good free and low-cost webhosts for non-profits (with no ads or popups). They only do hosting — they do not help you build or manage your site.

Ibiblio has been doing hosting for Tibetan sites for a long time, as well as many other good websites.

HostGator has a program for providing free hosting for non-profits. I have not tried it and do not know if it will work for Tibetan organisations. But it sounds good!

TibetBridges provides hosting for people who James is working with in McLeod Ganj. These are people who are learning everything about web building, web programming, and web servers.

Three legs of a website: All the pages
0. Overview of the three legs 1. How to register your domain name 2. What is dns 3. How to get web hosting

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