The web development jobs

There's more to a website than a "pretty face"! And there are a lot of different skills needed to make a good website.

On a small website, one person may do all of these things. On a large one, different people will do the different jobs.

The buzzwords: maintainability, search engine optimisation, usability,

Front end - The site we see

The "face" of the site — this is the part we think of when we say "nice website!"

Two important roles we might not think of for this list, but without which there would be no site:

Back end – The code that makes it work

Now we are back in the engine room .... If all goes correctly, the site will *work* so smoothly that no one will ever be aware of these people, and certainly no one will ever see their code, or be aware of their hard work ...

Back-back end - coding, database, ...

Way-back - building website with a cms

cms easier for the content person, but now needs more knowledge to maintain ...