Own your website

Your website seems like a technical thing, that only some techie person should take care of.

(This techie is probably an Injie, because only Injies know these things, right? I have some news for you: This is not true!)
Yes you do need a dedicated person to build, update, and maintain, and improve your website. That person does need to have many skills!

But who owns the website?

Your website is a part of your office, just like the accounting books and the staff car.

Everything about your website belongs to *you* (*your organisation*).

You may be surprised to find that you will need to pay for some services for your website. Just like you have to pay rent for your office, and a mechanic and driver for your car. How important is your website? How important is the web to your organisation? To the world? http://tibetangeeks.com/using_tech/importance/

Your website is a powerful tool in the world. You can use this tool well if you have an overall idea of how it works.

The Three Legs of your Website

1. Domain name registration - how you own the name.

What is it?
This is like registering your organisation name.
The registrar does these two things *only*:
Your responsibilties:
* Keep the domain renewed.
* Make sure the contact information and DNS server info is current.

Domain Name server (DNS)

Domain name servers all around the world, tell the web browser the "I.P. number" of the website. Then we don't have to know the I.P. number, we just put in the website name (like "http://tibetangeeks.com"). It is like your contacts list in your phone: you don't have to put in the person's phone number, you just put in the person's name.

Web hosting

"Web hosting" is a service which gives you space on a computer for your website files. This computer is always connected to the internet, so your website is always available.

A "web hosting provider" will have a lot more services, such as an administration panel, programming languages, databases, email, and much more.

These days good web hosting is not expensive, and it is easy to get. Every organisation can now stand on their own feet, with their own web hosting. There is no excuse for any organisation to rely on "free" web hosting.

(4) Your website may have a fourth leg:

It may be built in a CMS like Joomla or WordPress: the "machine" that makes your website.
What is it? → This is a program that makes your website work.
There may be some other account that your website uses, like Google Mail, Flickr photos, FaceBook, Twitter, ClustrMaps, Google Analytics, site translation, contact form site, mail list, advertising, ....
What are they? → These are other websites providing services for your site.
Content from them may appear on your site (for example, Flickr photos), or they may provide some service when something happens on your site (Google analytics, contact form).
Your responsibilties:

Know more

About your website:

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