(This page is a little rough around the edges. I'm gradually writing it, and uploading when i get more done, because i've got people looking at it already :) Please don't mind.
— 24 may 2015

What is Web?

OK puppies, here's Thing Number One: It's all TEXT

Here's the TL;DR

Web is: web pages and websites linked together

Web at its base is TEXT, with codes, to be interpreted by programs and passed to othe programs, one of which may be a web browser which passes it to you the user.

Web is not: FaceBook, flash movies, sliders, dancing penguins, java, javascript, "apps", ...

Web at its base is not a visual medium. It's not television. It's not a magazine.
Web is something completely new. And wonderful. And if you use it or develop it like it's just another movie or poster, you are missing the point and the power.

Note the letters. They mean something:

WWW = World Wide Web
HTML: Hyper TEXT Markup Language
HTTP: Hyper TEXT Transfer Protocol
Notice these key words: World. Text.
Text, linked together, all over the World,
In order to share Information, as Content[1]
Everything else - videos, pdfs, jquery, images, sliders, all the fun stuff, is on TOP of the basics.
The basis of all the magic is: TEXT.
Your good content - articles and stories, are text.
Programming is also text. HTML codes are text.
Open a jpg in an editor like Notepad++ or vim. Woah! it's characters! Text.


If people can't get the INFORMATION that you want to give, as TEXT, after all the CWT[1] is stripped away, than you are not WEB, and don't pretend that you are.

OK? Now you can peel off if you want, that's my main point. If you want to know more, here ...

Before i start laying it on you ...

i want you to be in a frame of mind to take me seriously. So here's some Big Impressive Facts about me:

OK. You all impressed now? Great. Now listen up.

Thing Number Two: Internet is not Web

The Internet is the infrastructure that the Web sits on top of. It is great, it is damn wonderful, you use it all the time ... When you are using the Web.

So, you didn't "find something on the Internet" — unless you have better mad hacking skilz than i do. That's like saying "I found something on the road." (And you probably didn't "find" it, like you would happen to see a lost earring on the floor of a shop!) You probably used the WEB interface to the Google search engine, which had a link to a WEB page that you looked at. Or you were following links from a WEBsite, which took you to this thing that you "found".

And while we're at it: email is not Web. You often see and manage it through a Web interface (like gmail), but it is another animal: SMTP.

This may help: What is the World Wide Web? at BBC.co.uk.

WHAT is a web page? "Every web page is a user interface. It presents information to the user, and the user can interact with it ..." http://www.tlc-systems.com/stupid01.htm

Thing Number Three: There's a constant trend to make websites that aren't Web

Sure, they may look damn good at first load.
But they are bad bad bad.
Design vs User Experience (Pull in image) https://twitter.com/DanielMiessler/status/601666778004123648

Here's a few:

And wow, look at this, it seeems to be possible! an interesting and usual article, nothing getting in the way of me reading it. MadeWithEnvy.com/ecosystem/articles/2015/css-definitive-answers/

It's not like this is new. Been fighting this same stupid fight since the web began!

When we first started making websites, everybody's using the blink tag and making fonts all different colors. Then we discovered sideways scrolling, and animated gifs. And counters. Now those are old, we are hot young modern people, and we are doing sliders. modal windows. css rotating. It's the same damn shit.