what does a webmaster do?

A webmaster maintains the website.

Q. Your website is all built. it looks great!
And it's in a CMS, like WordPress - so it takes care of itself, right?
So why do you need a webmaster?
A: A website is like a complicated machine.
The webmaster keeps the machine running.
He (she) is the specialized mechanic for your advanced website.

Here are some (not all!) of the things a webmaster does for your website:

What a webmaster might do:

What a webmaster does not do:

Why not? because if they are really doing their job, they just won't have time!

But nobody can know all these things!

So, how to choose a webmaster?

Why is this important?

So mr writer, what makes you know so much about this?

All this comes from 19 years experience in building and managing websites, — 11 years of it working with Tibetans in India on many websites. I hope it is useful.

Here's another way to see what a webmaster needs to know and do: http://help.tibetbridges.com/faq/

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