How to get domain registration and web hosting?

Domain registration

How much for domain registration?

It can be anywhere from something like Rs 400 up to $30 ... it depends on the registrar. You get what you pay for. The cheap ones make their money by selling your email address to spammers, allowing domain squatters to see what domains people are looking for so they can buy them first, stuff like that.

This is a yearly cost - the domain must be renewed every year.

How to pay for domain registration?

On the web, everything happens on the web :) Domain registrars expect to be paid online through credit card or PayPal. Most of them will accept a bank draft or cheque, but it makes the process take a lot longer — like weeks instead of 5 minutes!

Don't wait until the last minute to renew your domain. If you have trouble paying online or something, and the domain expires — it's gone. There's no penalty to renew early, you still get full year added on.


Where to get domain registration?

You have to decide for yourself, because you will be the person living with it!

I can tell you that i always register domains with Register4less.Com, (easy to use, always works, great support). And that i would never register with Network Solutions (too expensive, privacy problems), or with GoDaddy (too confusing to use, always trying to sell you something).

So, what to look for in a domain registrar?

How to find a registrar?


How to register for a domain?

Since it is a web service, you do it through the web. You go to a registrar's website, sign up for an account, and purchase the domain. They mostly expect you to pay by credit card or paypal. Then the domain becomes active within a few minutes, and in a few more minutes hosting can be set up and you are live! Of course for people in India this is not so easy. Many registrars will accept check or bank draft, but then it takes weeks for mail and for check to clear.

What information they need: org name, person name, address, email address. The email address is very important: This is how the registrar will get hold of you for any problems, renewal notice, etc. Be sure to give an email address that you always use. If you miss a renewal notice, and don't renew your domain, you will lose it!

Website hosting


How much for hosting?

Again, price can range all over, it depends on what you want. A website can be a complicated animal. You need to know if you need just enough for a simple website, or at the other end if you are a big organisation with many visitors, programming and lots of disk space.


Where to get web hosting?

There are thousands of web hosting companies with many different plans and features. Just like registration: you will be the person living with it! There is no substitute for educating yourself.

So, what to look for in web hosting company?

How to find a web host?

Getting the cheapest is not always a good idea, if you have to spend lots of time getting things to work right!

Here is a page comparing some web hosts. This can give you an idea of what to look for.

How to pay for web hosting?

Again, hosting companies expect to be paid online through credit card or PayPal. Most of them will accept a bank draft or cheque, but it makes the process take a lot longer — again, like weeks instead of 5 minutes — really!

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General info:
Register4Less, my favorite domain registrar, has a very nice faq explaining about registration, hosting, transferring domains, etc.