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On live website you can click a button to update WordPress.
On local you can't. You have to do it manually.
"Manually" means, you download the latest WordPress as a zip file, unzip and copy the files into your local WordPress install.

But you don't want to lose your themes, plugins, and config file!

So here are the steps:

Backup database and files:
  1. Backup the WordPress database
  2. * localhost/phpmyadmin
        - select the database
        - click the "export" tab
        - click the "GO" button
        - It will give you a file to download
        - Download and put in safe place.

    backup with phpMyAdmin
  3. Backup your file content:
    • Copy the entire wp-content folder and the wp-config.php file to that same safe place.

copy your files
Ready to update! Replace old WordPress with new:
  1. Download latest WordPress, and unzip somewhere.
  2. In your WordPress site folder: Delete everything. folder is now empty.
  3. Into your WordPress site folder: Copy all the unzipped WordPress files.

(or - 3,4,5 on linux: use wp-cli program, just type wp core update :) )

Now check:
  1. Go to your site wp-admin ("back end")
    • If WordPress asks to update the database, click yes.
    • Click around in the admin and make sure plugins are there, everything is there.
  2. Go to your website ("front end")
    • Click around and make sure everything looks and works ok.
    • If menu links don't work: wp-admin → Settings → Permalinks → Save

    save permalink settings
Plugins and themes: same principle
If you have problems ...
written 30 April 2013