CMS administration

So, now your website is built in some nice CMS like Joomla or Wordpress. You have somebody who knows how to use the CMS to enter new content into the site. Maybe that person, or another, even knows how to add a menu item, change where something shows on the page, etc through the cms.

Wow! We are rollin'! Look at our website grow! New pages every day! CMSs are easy! Right? ... right? .... Wellll ... there are a few more things needed to keep that cms machine running smoothly. And a person who knows how to do them.

Now we are back in the engine room .... where we find a little-known person called the web administrator, and sometimes we also need the skills of a sysadmin — system administrator. Few people are even aware of this — which is how it should be! Because when all is working nicely, nobody knows it is there.

What does a cms admin do?

And what skills does a cms admin need to have — or be willing to learn?

Wah! This is too much stuff!

Most of you reading this, are making websites in some way connected with the Tibetan cause. The old way of wars and weapons for fixing differences, is being replaced in our new world with communication. A lot of that communication is happening through the web.

You as a web writer, web coder, web techie, are a soldier in this new way. If it was the old way, you wouldn't be relying on foreign volunteers. You would have your own trained staff (soldiers). You would be keeping your big guns maintained, your self physically fit, your team educated, trained, and practising every day — and much much more.

Does the Tibetan cause, in this new way, deserve any less?