Pros and Cons of using a CMS

A Content Management System is a great tool for building a website. And it is just that: a tool. No tool is perfect for everything!

The Pros

We all know that a CMS is the greatest thing for building websites since the web was invented!

Wow! Great stuff! Could there possibly be anything bad about using a CMS?

The Cons

here are some things to think about:


CMSs haven't changed anything. To build a crappy website has always been easy. To build a good website, like anything else worth doing, takes knowledge, skills, and hard work — whether you use a CMS or not!

So many people have blogs or CMSs, that sit there dead in the water (never updated), or fade away because there is no one to maintain the database, upgrade the CMS software, etc. And there are complicated and excellent websites that are created and updated with flat files, and maybe a little php. (Examples:, Even though i love the new cool tools also, to me this is the proof that the tools are no substitute for Just Plain Old Knowledge, Experience, and Hard Work!

Know more

You can do quite a lot with good HTML and CSS, server-side includes, and a little bit of PHP. In fact, this whole website is built that way, and is very easy for someone with a little bit of real knowledge to update, and change.

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