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So what is a "CMS", exactly?

A CMS is just a program. It is made especially to work on websites.
You install it on your website, and then it has forms and tools to build your website. The "content" (articles and pages) of the site is saved by the CMS into a database.

What's the big deal about it?

The good side of a CMS program is that it makes it very easy for non-techie people to make web pages. They don't have to know html, keep track of directories etc. They don't even have to know how a website works at all.

And ... ?

On the other side, you need an administrator, who has to learn the CMS program, databases, etc. — which is more complicated than learning PhotoShop or Word! (Here is more on the pros and cons of using a CMS.)

We get sold on cms like Joomla because everybody carries on about how "easy" they are. Yes they are "easy" for the normal person to add content to the site. That is because a cms is a big program, like PhotoShop or DreamWeaver. It is only "easy" because there is some skilled person, taking lots of time and work, on the back-end building of the cms. A good, complete cms site should have at least 2 months lead time for an experienced person to create. This is not counting deciding on the contents and design of the site, making the page design itself, etc.!

The popular CMS programs these days are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. See all cms files, or selected files below:

Making web with content management systems (CMS) go to all files

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Building a website in Joomla go to all files

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Building a Wiki go to all files

A "Wiki" is software for building a website that is
* mostly about information.
* meant to be edited by many people.
The most famous Wiki software is MediaWiki, the software than runs Wikipedia itself.
Here are some MediaWiki how-tos
Another useful Wiki software is DokuWiki. It uses text files instead of a database.
Here are some DokuWiki how-tos

Building a video sharing website go to all files

  • Video sharing specs
    Things to think about when looking for hosting, apps, or plug-ins for a video website.
  • 4 December 2009 Video sharing links
    Links to good sites for building a video sharing website in a cms.
  • 4 December 2009 Video sharing links
    Links to good sites for building a video sharing website in WordPress.

Who is using a CMS for their website?

Here are some of them. Most were built by Tibetans here in Dharamshala. – Tibet fashion stars.
WordPress – Dharamshala Tibetan news.
Custom CMS in PHP. – དགེ་སློབ་གླེང་སྟེགས།
WordPress, བོད་ཡིག་ – Kalon Tripa 2011: Online nominations and endorsements for Kalon Tripa election in 2011.
Now Joomla, english, tibetan, and chinese — Was originally custom PHP by Tenzin Lodoue – Kalon Tripa 2011 - Friends of Tenzin Namgyal Tethong: Information, endorsements, and more.
WordPress, english and tibetan. – Khapar: Tibetan phone directory.
Custom CMS in PHP. – Center for substance dependence, HIV/AIDS & HRD
WordPress – Namgyal Monastery: About the monastery, and Dalai Lama teachings videos.
Custom Ruby on Rails. – For activists determined to make a difference in Zanskar.
WordPress – Phayul Tibetan News: Local and international.
Custom CMS in ASP. – RangWang: News of Tibet situation.
WordPress – Students for a Free Tibet India: Action for Tibet in India.
WordPress – Students for a Free Tibet in the UK
WordPress – Tendhak Art: Paintings of Tenzin Dhakpa
WordPress – Tenzin Tsundue
WordPress – Tibet at United Nations: Organisation for representing Tibet at the UN.
WordPress – Tibetan social site
WordPress with BuddyPress – TibetSun news
WordPress – Website of Central Tibetan Administration; english, tibetan, and chinese.
Custom CMS in PHP. – Tibet Post: Tibetan local and international news; english, tibetan, and chinese.
Joomla – Tibet Sun: Tibetan local and international news.
Radiant (Ruby on Rails) – La Communauté Tibétaine de France: Tibetan community in France.
SPIP (was – Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: World-reknowned.
Joomla. – Tibetan Uprising: The 2008 March to Tibet.
WordPress – Tibetan Technology Center: Stories of Tibetans in IT
Drupal – Regional Tibetan Youth Congress – Delhi
WordPress – Zomsa - Tibetan social site

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