The Building Blocks of a Website

A website is nothing without content, yet the content is only one part of what makes a website work.
browsers screen readers PDAs   search engines (google, msn, etc.) "page scrapers" and more!   update: content change: design, features, ...   increase: pages, sections, features develop:
use new technologies
use   search   maintain   grow
(“user agents” or “clients”)
  (site updates, developers, programmers)
⇑ we use the site as ... ⇑
⇓ we build the site with ... ⇓
content   code   architecture   visual design
articles, site sections, words for navigation, video, audio, ...   html css php, js, etc.   directory structure filenames css id and class names css organisation ("the cascade")   media images colors font styles site navigation page layout

Some Notes

Know more

HTML and CSS standards
Usability studies
CSS Design

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