being a programmer - what skills do you need?

Well of course i can't tell you what subjects are needed for college, because i don't know college in India. (Actually i don't know college in America any more either!)

But i could say my opinion on what would be useful for working in computers:

1. English.
It's really annoying that people around the world have to know English, but that's the way it is. Most documentation for programming and computers is written in English. Most writing (documenting your own work, etc.) you might have to do will be more useful to the rest of the world if it is in English. So learn English, and not only that, learn it *well*. Because, even though it shouldn't be that way, many other people are snobs, and if they see your writing is not good English, they won't take it as seriously.
2. Learn how to touch type!
If you already know how, learn how to touch type easily and fast. This may seem a small thing, but it's not. Your keyboard is your tool to talk to the computer. If you can talk to it easily, you don't have to think about your typing, and you can concentrate on your work.
3. I think maths is useful.
Even though i am very bad at maths, and i don't know much maths. The kind of programming that i do (web programming) doesn't need much maths. Even though, i can see that if i had more maths it would be helpful to me. And with other kinds of programming and computer work, like games, video, hardware - math is much more important.
4. Hang around with other computer people.
When you are with people who are thinking about the same things you are, you learn it easier.
5. A good education in general.
What does history or sociology have to do with computers? you may ask. As you become more advanced with computers, you will be doing things that are not just strictly computers. For instance, my background in literature and also in forestry, have helped me be more useful when helping to build websites about many things.
6. So after that - get as much practice as you can.
You can't really learn computers from books or from me: you learn from the computer. If you don't have your own computer, find some way to get one, and do as many things as you can on it. You should be on your computer every day and making files, web pages and programs. *Then* read books and read documentation and *Ask Questions*! (Helping out with this part is why i am here.)
7. Classes are good,
but it is even more important that you spend a lot of time on computer on your own, trying different things and practicing.

I hope this helps!

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