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1) What is a "network server"?
"Network server" can have two meanings. 1. A computer or a program that manages network traffic. 2. A computer that has several different server apps on it, like web server, mail server, ftp server, all on one machine
2) What is a "web server"?
1. A program that sends out (serves) web pages. 2. A computer that has a web server program on it. (Usually meaning that it is used mainly for that.)


1) What is "ethernet"?
The rules (or "protocol") for the hardware and software that enables computers to communicate with each other.
2) What is "http"?
It is the abbreviation for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The rules (or "protocol") for web client (such as browser) to request, and a web server to send, web pages and other files (css, images, etc.).