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The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK 
by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, with the intention of promoting the teaching of 
basic computer science in schools.

It mostly uses Linux kernel-based operating systems.
A Debian-based OS "Raspbian" is optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware, and is
the current recommended system.

Yes it is a computer, that is only this big (8.6cm x 5.4cm x 1.7cm):
5.4 cm

8 . 6 c m
Raspberry Pi

My interest is using it for
  * a kiosk where people can plug in their pen drive and get tech references
        (videos, e-books, PDFs)
  * a stand-alone network firewall


  ❄ RaspberryPi.org FAQs
  ❄ RaspberryPi at StackExchange - questions and answers
  ❄ RaspberryPi info at Wikipedia

  ❄ Egoman (China)
  ❄ Farnell / Element14 (UK)
  ❄ RS Components (UK)

  Component Sources:
  ❄ Made in China? Don't know yet, still checking ...
  ❄ How to tell if there is malware in the chips (from any government!) Don't know yet, still checking ...