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"TestDisk will allow you to scan the file system and look for deleted files. Provided the data hasn't been overwritten it should be possible to recover the files."


  ❄ PhotoRec/TestDisk 
      Command-line program - multiple OS - free.
        Website has lots of how-tos, run it step-by-step, etc.
        It says to try TestDisk first.
      Recommended first place by in 2012.
      Latest stable version 6.14 - July 30, 2013
      May be able to get through package manager - look for testdisk
      [april 2014]

      Good info on use here, and about testdisk (comes w/photorec - or vice versa?)
      more info:

        "TestDisk and PhotoRec are portable applications, extract the files and
        the applications are ready to be used. No need to run an installer."
        Under Unix/Linux/BSD, you need to be root to run TestDisk - such as:
           $ sudo testdisk-6.9/linux/testdisk_static 
        TestDisk -
        PhotoRec -

  ❄ Recuva 
      Recommended first place by in 2014.
      graphical program; MS Windows.

data recovery tool compare 
      [updated 3 october 2012] 
      [5 march 2012]

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