Welcome to TibetGeeks.com

april 2007 — Welcome to the new Tibetan Geeks Website!!!!

Tenzin Nyima
[Design Pala]

In the past year i have met a few of our Tibetan people who work in various computer fields, but i have seen a lot more people who are just starting out and learning, so this website is going to be for both of those categories. The one who is already working at a professional level, can share their knowledge, and the one who is fresh can learn from this website.

TibetanGeeks is a non-profit project which James and I have been thinking of for a while. I know that reaching our goal with this website will be tough — it will need everybody's participation to make the dream real. We need all kinds of people — geeks and wannabe-geeks, and we can all learn and share.


James Walker

It's taken me a lot of my life to learn that i never accomplish anything alone, even when it seems like i do! I couldn't be a teacher without students, and i couldn't be a good teacher without good students. Thank you to everybody for helping me to be here, and the chance to be part of this great new website.

This website also is the product of many people working together. All the content on the website is from Tibetan techies (and a few Indian and western friends). The navigation on the left will give you the idea of what is here.

Let the geeking begin!

Contact us to add your comments, content, and techie views.

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