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This is an archive of news about Tibetans in technology, tech in India, and tech stuff of interest to Tibetans. It is not being maintained any more, now that there are so many real Tibetan websites and so much available elsewhere, but kept here for historical reasons.

tech news ^

  • Tibetan Luozang multilingual digital electronic pocket gadget - a product review at Phayul "The handheld device features an impressive array of edutainment functions: 34 dictionaries (Tibetan, Chinese, T-C, C-T, T-C-English); PDA (Palm Digital Assistant) application; database of language, cultural and historical entries in Tibetan and Chinese; trilingual WordPad; MP3 player, with USB interface with personal computer; and games." "The appeal of this Tibetan handheld gadget is its Tibetan-ness. There is truly a Tibetan keyboard, perhaps for the first time, and the default displays are in Tibetan. ... The feeling is that you are holding a Tibetan gadget, a Tibetan hardware, a product of indigenous innovation of strong yet very subtle native aspirations."
  • US relaxes its grip on the internet 30 September 2009 The US government has relaxed its control over how the internet is run. It has signed a four-page "affirmation of commitments" with the net regulator ICANN, giving the body autonomy for the first time
  • Firefox 3.5 is out 1 July 2009 The latest and greatest, fastest and safest, Firefox web browser version 3.5. Read about it at CNet, The Register, Computer World
  • Google framed in China 30 June 2009 The regime accused (Google China) of providing easy access to pornography on the basis of fabricated evidence. This accusation provided the regime a pretext for shutting down Google search results that can provide links to politically sensitive Web sites. read more at The Epoch Times
  • Companies appeal to China to drop Web filter plan 27 June 2009 Global business groups have made an unusual direct appeal to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to scrap an order for PC makers to supply controversial Internet filtering software, citing security and privacy concerns.
    Just days before the deadline to comply with China's order, the letter from 22 chambers of commerce and trade groups representing the world's major technology suppliers adds to pressure on Beijing to halt the plan following an official protest by Washington.
    The order requires manufacturers to pre-install or supply "Green Dam Youth Escort" software with PCs made for sale in China beginning Wednesday. read more at
  • Teacher at Tibet University invents three-language keyboard 25 June 2009 Now, you don't need to memorize the keys to type in the Tibetan language. Recently, a special keyboard integrating Tibetan, Chinese and English was invented. read more at
  • Beijing Adds Curbs on Access to Internet 25 June 2009 In the past month, central government officials have cited a need to control pornography in ordering that filtering software be preinstalled on all new computers sold in China starting July 1.
    They have also forced Google to disable a function that lets the search engine suggest terms and on Wednesday night even briefly blocked access nationwide to Google’s main search engine and other services like Gmail. Some users were still having problems accessing Google sites on Thursday night.
    In addition, Chinese bloggers say they have detected evidence of a concerted effort to stain Google’s image. They say that someone in Beijing manipulated Google’s software to make it more likely to suggest a pornographic search term during a state television broadcast.
    At the same time, the government seems to have stepped up harassment of human rights advocates. read more at
  • Tibetans [in Tibet] have access to Tibetan-language mobile phones April 2009 read more at – "China Tibet Information Center" (PRC website)
  • February 2009 Info-Activism Camp 14 October 2008 The Info-Activism Camp in India, February 2009 will bring together 120 rights advocates, technologists, designers and activists working in the global South to share skills and ideas on digital advocacy. Full story at Tibet Sun

editorials ^

  • How much are we involved in combating the China propaganda? 27 May 2009, by Tashi Samphel I wonder how many of us ever use the internet as a platform to raise awareness about the Tibetan cause. Even our Tibetan government is not handling those issues. Sometime I wonder, does our government in exile have a specific strategy to resolve these kinds of issues? Finally, I suggest to our younger generation and educated ones, to create their own blogs and write more and more on the Tibet issue, to keep our struggle alive forever. read more on this site
  • Made in China ... Working for Tibet Images and stickers!
  • Tale of cyber war: China and Tibet
    19 May 2009, by Lobsang Wangyal "Looking at all the top-level Tibet domains obtained by exile Tibetans, it would seem that Tibetans are web-savvy, and better than China at using the world’s new favourite media tool. " read more at
  • Welcome to the new Tibetan Geeks website "This website is going to be for the one who is already working at a professional level, who can share their knowledge, and the one who is fresh who can learn from this website. more
    — Tenzin Nyima

tech news sites ^

  • Tibetan-related tech news at Tibet Sun (Tibetan news site) Tech news of interest to Tibetans
  • World and Asia tech news at (San Jose Mercury News, in US) From the center of IT
  • World and India tech news at (India tech site) News about hardware, software, internet, security, mobile devices, ...
  • World tech news at (UK tech site)
  • Tech forums at Phayul (Tibetan news site) Discussions and tech questions.

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