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These are reputable organisations offering online training and/or certification in computer technologies; internationally recognised.

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  • E-Commerce: International Council of E-Commerce Consultants e-Business certifications for professionals seeking specialized knowledge and advancement in career opportunities.
  • HTML: HTML Certification from W3Schools "The HTML Certification requires skills in HTML, XHTML and CSS. Before you apply you must have a fundamental knowledge of: * The Hypertext Markup Language - HTML 4.01 * The Extensible Hypertext Markup Language - XHTML 1.0 * Cascading Style Sheets - CSS1 and CSS2
  • Multiple: O'Reilly Learning Learn and Earn University Certification. "O'Reilly Learning builds online courses that help you learn by doing: * Practice and experiment in real programming environments. * Learn at your own pace online. * Receive friendly feedback and advice from your instructor. * Earn a Certificate from the University of Illinois."
  • PHP: PHP Certification from Zend "Certify your PHP expertise by becoming a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) This is identical in concept to other well known certification programs such as 'Microsoft's Certified Professionals (MCP)' and the 'Sun Certified Java Programmer (CSJP)' programs." Study guides, self test, faq, training online. Take test at test center.

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