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Website development

There are now many talented and experienced people in the Dharamshala area who can build a website for you or your organisation. Some also do web hosting, web applications, database, and more. And remember — on the internet, location doesn't matter! (Well, except for hardware :D )

  • DesignPala Website design and development, Flash, graphics mr Tenzin Nyima, United States
  • DesignTibet Website design and development, Flash, graphics
  • Himalayan InfoTech Website design and development, hosting Dharamshala
  • སྨོན་ལམ་བོད་ཀྱི་བརྡ་འཕྲིན་ཞིབ་འཇུག་ཁང་། ~ mr Monlam Lobsang IT in བོད་ཡིག — home of Monlam Tibetan dictionary and other apps. Specialising in བོད་ཡིག McLeod Ganj
  • ms Pema Zomkyi Freelance Programmer - Database and web programming McLeod Ganj
  • Srijan Dhauladar Website design and development - Drupal and WordPress Dharamshala
  • mr Tenzin Dhonyoe Website design and development, Flash, graphic designer McLeod Ganj
  • Tibet Web Guru ~ mr Tashi Samphel Website design and development, web programming,
    domain registration and hosting
    McLeod Ganj
  • Tibetan I Tech ~ ms Tseten Dolkar Website design and development - Drupal, WordPress McLeod Ganj
  • Tibetan Web Design ~ mr Sangyal Dorjee Website design and development Specialising in བོད་ཡིག France

hardware and repair

  • Jigme Tibet Computer Computer repair, sales, and support Temple Road, McLeod Ganj
  • Oser's Electronics Recycling Electronics store - buy, sell, repair Jogiwara Road, opposite Hunted Hill, McLeod Ganj
    0 98571 73929
    Open 9am to 6pm (when not busy saving lost puppies and kitties)
  • Tibet Computers Computer services 1171 49th Avenue NE
    Columbia Heights
    Minnesota, USA 55421
    +01 (763) 210 5727 Kalsang's YouTube channel
  • Tibetan Computer Service Center Computer sales and support mr Ugyen Kyab,
    Temple Square, McLeod Ganj

Other computer services

  • Norbu Graphics-n-prints ~ mr Karma L Jamling Graphics design, print media support New Delhi
  • Nyimon Computer Center ~ mr Nyimon, McLeod Ganj Teaching graphics and MSWord; Multi-media, computer service
  • mr Thupten N Chakrishar Graphics/web design, film editor, cinematographer. New York
  • Tibnology ~ mr Tsering Norbu Web and graphic design, web hosting

Internet Service Provider

  • mr Tenzin Gompo ~ AirJaldi Wireless internet service provider. Tibetan-run ISP. Dharamshala
  • mr Tenzin Norbu ~ Tennor Network Wireless internet service providers
    Tibetan-owned, Tibetan-run ISP.
    Dharamshala, Bylakuppe

Other Tibetan Techies

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