Propellor-head Tibetan IT Organisations :: Geeks

  • IBD — Institute of Buddhist Dialectics Computer Centre Computer education McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala
    MSwindows, MacOS
  • Lobsang's Studio Web and media for Tibet Lobsang Wangyal, McCleod Ganj
    Spokesman for IT for Tibet, and for open source technologies
    more on this site more at LW website
  • TibCodersTCV Computer Club Upper TCV IT students MSwindows, Linux
  • Men-Tsee-Khang Computer Section Computer Support for Men-Tsee-Khang Medical and Astrological Institute Gangkyi, Dharamshala
  • Tibetan Computer Resource Centre (TCRC) CTA Computer Support Gangkyi, Dharamshala
    Taking information technology issues into Tibetan hands. Manages the CTA's computers and Internet development.

And many others working hard and silently behind the scenes, making Tibet live in cyberspace!

Local supporting orgs

  • AirJaldi internet provider 2015
  • Cyber Super Hero digital security computer, online, mobile 2015
  • hillhacks a technology conference also a dream of cultural and technological interchange. 2015
  • infinity hackbase hackerspace community "experiment with technology, nature and society in a naturally creative environment, and work towards a self-sustainable, knowledgeable, and symbiotic way of life." 2015
  • Mindgrep software 2015
  • null Open Security Community India's largest open security community; null is about spreading information security awareness. 2015
  • Tibet Action Institute Digital security Non-violent action; Training and workshops 2015
  • Vayudoot internet provider 2015

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