Tibetan SOS Vocational Training Centre (VTC Selaqui) geeks

“In today's increasingly open economy, as in every other sphere of life there is an unprecendented competition in the labour job markets. Thousands of Tibetan students are passing out from schools and colleges every years year into a limited job market where only the fittest can survive. As a result the unemployment and related social problems threaten to increase in the coming years in the Tibetan community. In response to this, the SOS VTC was founded with the objective of providing the Tibetan youth with a range of technical skills in various trades so that they can serve in industries and community centers in and abroad India, or set up their own business for self-employment.”

See some VTC geeks at vtcselakui.org/select.php?select=1 and visit the VTC Selaqui website at www.vtcselakui.org.

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