Tashi Samphel geeks

(October 2009 – This write-up is from 2007 – Tashi Samphel has since moved on to TPPRC and moved up in his IT knowledge and works!)

Professionally i'm a teacher in lower tcv school and teaching is my passion. I love to share my knowledge with our younger generation — that's why i chose to be a computer teacher instead of working in a company. But that doesn't mean that i have just knowledge to teach in school. Along with teaching i used to build websites, and develop programs and also database projects. Recently i sold my hotel management software to few hotels based in Dharamsala. I also developed a database for the Department of Planning Commission, and also one for our school website, where we can find all the results of TCV School.

My specialities:
WEBSITE: html, php, javascript, vbscript, asp, asp.net, sometime c#.
PROGRAMMING: Visual basic 6.0, Java, C#
GRAPHIC : Flash 8, Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FireWork,
DATABASE: MS-Access, MS-SQL Server, MySql

This site built with Open Source: html/css, php, apache, linux, vim, air, water.
— and also with the awesome Lenovo ThinkPad —
which is made in and working for — thank you, China!