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More known for his journalism, photography and event production, Lobsang Wangyal is also a professional geek-behind-the scenes. He manages, designs and develops all of his own websites. He sees the internet as "the new nerves of this planet", and encourages the learning of IT skills for all Tibetans.

To this end he has finally realised the dream to open Lobsang's Studio, in McLeod Ganj, where, among many other varied kinds of people, techie Tibetans meet. One of the goals being realised by Lobsang's Studio is to provide employment for Tibetans in multi-media, web development, and event production.

Lobsang's Studio

Lobsang's Studio opened in May 2007, in one room on Jogiwara Road in McLeod Ganj. Young people found their way to it from the beginning, and it is used daily for internet access and computer practice. It has been hosting web development and media classes, as well as meetings of local techies. In spring of 2008 it moved to a larger location across the road.

The purpose of the centre is to give people a place to learn and practice multimedia skills. It would also provide employment, initially for teachers and office staff, and eventually for more people as it grows into a multi-media and web development business.

Why ....

“I am saddened and frustrated at seeing the lack of jobs and education there is for Tibetan youth. The goal of many is to 'go to the west' just because even with a college degree there is hardly any chance of any kind of career, or even a job, here in India — much less in their Dharamshala home. But in our new world of the internet, where even McLeod Ganj now has a fast connection, we can all 'work from home'. This center would provide training and work for young people in the low-opportunity Dharamshala area. This facility is totally free of any charge or obligation.”

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