Dhonam geeks

Dhondup "Dhonam" Namgyal was born in Dharamsala, India. His parents fled from Tibet to India after the Chinese invasion in 1950 and began working with Tibetan Children's Village (TCV), a K to 12 educational institution for Tibetan children and refugees.

Dhonam was educated at TCV in the commerce stream and went on to Delhi University where he was awarded a BA in commerce. Upon graduation he attended Jetking technical institute where he received certification in networking and hardware engineering after a two year study program.

Returning to Dharamsala, Dhonam began working with the Tibetan community as a ICT volunteer, and has gone on to co-found the Tibetan Technology Center (TTC). The center is based on the campus of TCV and has developed an internationally recognized wireless mesh network in the Dharamsala region. http://tibtec.org/

May 1-4 2007, attended the Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

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