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What is "geek"???

A long time ago in the west, the word 'geek' was used for those who sat around doing nothing interesting, had no social life. But the definition has changed considerably over the time! Now a geek is proud of being a geek: The best definition would be "an individual who is fascinated by knowledge and imagination, usually electronic and virtual in nature". And yes, today's geeks do have social lives, and are doing interesting things.

geek: noun
1. Obsessive Computer User: somebody who enjoys or takes pride in using computers or other technology, often to what others consider an excessive degree
2. Someone with greater than normal computer skills.
3. Someone who doesn't passively use a computer, but wants to know how it works, and even can change how it works.
He's such a geek, he's always "viewing source" of web pages.
geek: verb
1. To use a computer or some other electronics, while figuring out how it works, or doing some programming or other thing.
I was geeking all night.
geeked: adjective
1. to be excited about something — usually about some computer thing.
I'm really geeked about my new laptop.

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