What to do with this file "bo_CN.mo"                rev 24 december 2012

what is this for?

  This is a "machine object" (mo) file that Wordpress uses.
  It makes most of the words in the "back end" (admin) show in Tibetan,
  It makes some of the words in the webpages (like "more" and "search")
    show in Tibetan.

how to use it?

  1. Download the file and put it into your WordPress website in the
        /wp-content/languages/  folder.
        (If there isn't a "languages" folder in "wp-content", just make one.)

  2. In your wp-config.php file, look for the line like this:
        define ('WPLANG', '');
     and edit it like this:
        define ('WPLANG', 'bo_CN');

  3. Now go to the wp-admin for your website, and you should see most
      of the words showing in Amdo Tibetan, not English.

     And in the web pages of your site, some of the words that WordPress
      puts there will be in Tibetan also.

more questions?!

  Q: Why are some of the words still in English?

      A1: It's a lot of work to find the right Tibetan words, and only one
          person has worked on this translation file. He hasn't been able 
          to do all of it yet.

      A2: Also this is built from an older version of Wordpress.
          Again, it takes time to keep up with the newer versions.
          You could help?!

      A3: Also some of the words in WordPress are from the theme
          and from plugins. They need translating too!
  Q: Who does the translating?

      A: Anybody can do it. 
         And anybody can give their trandslation to Wordpress so that everyone can have it.
         Go here to find out more:


            And the deep how-tos are at

rev 24 december 2012