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The Dharamshala Community Library re-opened on 26 April 2010 in its new location on Jogibara Road, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. The DCL was started by and operates under the guidance of four founding members: Mr. Tenzin Tsundue, writer/activist, Tenzin Choeying, director of Students for a Free Tibet, Ashwini Bhatia, journalist/photographer, and Bhuchung D Sonam, poet/writer.

The main aim of the Library is to promote intellectual and creative awareness in the Community by providing a space for reading. The other goal is to give Tibetan youths a way to gain more knowledge in their free time.

What's at the Library?

  • Non-fiction and fiction books in English
  • Non-fiction and fiction books in Tibetan
  • Tech books — Using computers, the Internet, making websites:
    List is here.

The Library needs books

"What we need is more books on Chinese history, culture, stories, biographies, autobiographies, and novels. Recent publications on Chinese politics and economics would be very useful for us. Films in DVD or VHS format would also be useful for us."

Books can be now sent directly to the Library to this address:
Dharamshala Community Library,
My Cafe, Near Gu Cu Sum,
Jogi Bara Road, McLeod Ganj,
Dharamshala, Kangra HP-716219 INDIA

What books to give?

Here are some ideas at the Amazon DCL Computer Books wish list See left side of page for other kinds of books: Buddhism, History, English, etc.
Also see the Wish list at FlipKart in India.
Shipping into India is very expensive: You could check the bigger list of titles at the Amazon wish list, and then order them at, which is in India and will deliver to Dharamshala.

The Library needs more space

The DCL has 20,000 books, most of which are kept in the Gangchen Kyishong (Central Tibetan Administration) area because the current facilities are too small to house them all. With more funding they will be able to pay rent for a large space and make these books accessible as well.

The Library needs you!

Tibetan techies in McLeod Ganj can find current books on web development and programming. Tibetan Geeks keeps all books for classes there for loan, and will be adding CDs and DVDs of free software for website editing, programming, Ubuntu and Fedora linux, and more.

The Library in the news

  • Dharamshala Community Library Reopens: 10,000 Books Waiting for You
    Tibet Post, 29 April 2010
    The Dharamshala Community Library (DCL) was once again opened on 26th April 2010, by Mr. Tenzin Choeying, one of the original founders of the library, and ex-TCV-teacher Dhondup Tsering, who helped fund the reopening of the library ...
    The DCL is strategically located near Hope Center and ex-political prisoners' movement (Gu Chu Sum), where there are number of students and adults learning English and Tibetan. ... [more]
  • The Dharamshala Community Library
    Pratham Books, 1 July 2010
    On a recent visit to Mcleod Ganj in Dharamshala, I chanced upon the Dharamshala Community Library. Tucked away in a quiet corner just off one of the main roads, it's a perfect place for a library to be located — the view of the mountains on one side and a mountain of books on the other.
    The Dharamshala Community Library was started in October 2008, and was initially funded by the well-known Indian writer Pankaj Mishra. The library operated for a year before it had to be shut down because of the lack of funds. The library was finally reopened again in April this year ... [more]
  • The Dharamshala Community Library
    2 July 2010
    (A copy of the above story from Pratham books, at SFT's Lhasa Rising.)

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